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Welcome To Warren’s Southern Gardens Blog

Warren’s Southern Gardens is happy to announce the creation of Warren’s Blog. We want to be the source of information for Kingwood gardeners. Our goal is to be your partner as you create the yard of your dreams. We will provide useful information about gardening in our area. We will provide great ideas for creating curb appeal. Want to have the best containers and flower beds?  We’ve got you covered with great ideas. Not sure what to do with your porch or patio?  We’ve got you covered with decorating ideas. Love growing vegetables, but aren’t sure what to do with them?  We’ve got you covered with recipe ideas. We hope as you read Warren’s Blog you will feel like you are chatting with a good friend that is sharing a new discovery for their yard with you!

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How can Warren’s Blog help you?

Warren’s blog can you give you answers to your most common gardening questions. Want to know when to fertilize your yard?  Checkout our Lawn RX posts. Want to know what plants are perfect for your yard?  Checkout our Plant Picks posts.  Want to know how to create a focal point in your yard?  Checkout our Garden Enhancement posts. Want to know how to deal with common landscape problems?  Checkout our Gardening Tips posts. This blog is designed for you! So that you have a personal gardener here to help you with advice anytime you are thinking about your yard. We want you to have the support you need for your gardening goals.

How was Warren’s Blog created?

It started with an idea from me, Lisa Pflug, the Community Outreach Coordinator at Warren’s. As I’ve met people in the community, they always have gardening questions. I saw a need that could be met by having a blog!  A resource for the community to turn to and get those questions answered.  I am not an expert but I know where to go to find the right advice. I am a home gardener just like you.  I always have questions about plants, fertilizer, seeds, I could go on and on! That’s how the blog came about, me getting answers to all those questions. The staff at Warren’s has helped me over the years to have a beautiful yard. They’ve answered my questions, guided me and shared my joys as I’ve worked on creating a garden that speaks to my soul.  I hope that you will join me on the journey as I blog about gardening and the joys it brings!


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