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Lawn Diagnosis

Proper lawn diagnosis is the key to solving any turf issues you have. Without knowing the problem, and sometimes there are several, it’s difficult to appropriately treat the lawn. Often, people try to determine the problems they’re having on their own, only to throw away money on products that are not meant for their lawn.

So how do you get a sample from your yard? Is it really worth the time and effort?

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Post-Harvey Lawn Recovery

Hurricane Harvey certainly left its toll on the greater Houston region. Our lawns and plants weren’t spared from the devastation. For many, lawns safe from flood water are now being destroyed by storm debris.

So how do you figure out what survived? Is anything in our yards salvageable? Surprisingly, in some cases, the answer is yes!

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Summer Lawn Care

Our summer lawn care guide can help you have the prettiest yard on the street.High heat is part of living in Texas, and now is a good time to look at your yard and others in our area, and see what plants are doing great and which ones have been struggling.  Depending on what you find a little makeover for your yard may be in order.

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March Lawn RX

For our March Lawn RX it’s all about Feeding your lawn and getting rid of the weeds in your lawn.  We want you to put down our favorite lawn food Nitro-Phos Imperial Fertilizer 15-5-10 to get a jump start on a lush green lawn.  We also want you to put down our favorite weed control – Barricade® 4FL Herbicide to control the weeds before they start!  Spring is a great time to get your yard prepared for the heat of Texas summers, by getting it fed, and getting it weed free.  When you follow a consistent lawn fertilizing and weeding schedule you will have a lush green lawn that can handle whatever weather conditions are sent our way.

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June Lawn RX

For our June Lawn RX we want you to feed your lawn with one of the choices of fertilizer.  We would also like you to treat for pest so that you keep your lawn pest free.  We have given you Organic and Synthetic product choices, the following are our suggestions for the month of June.

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Lawn RX Program

The Lawn RX Program at Warren’s Southern Gardens will kick off on June 1st.  We are so excited to help you have the lawn you have always wanted.  We will be providing monthly lawn care tips and suggestions to help our customers be prepared for the changing conditions in Kingwood and its surrounding areas.

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