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Pruning Trees & Shrubs

Winter is the best time to prune trees and shrubs, except spring flowering varieties. Why prune now? You can help promote new growth, it’s easier to see the shape of deciduous plants while most foliage is gone, and you can prune out dead or diseased branches while sap is low. For optimum health, your trees need attention all year long.

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The Scoop on Tea Scale

It’s an excellent time to shop for blooming camellias so you know the exact color, shape, and size of the flowers your plant will produce. As you plant and maintain your shrubs, especially camellias, keep an eye out for tea scale. Despite the ambiguous name, tea scale is actually a small insect that can ruin all your hard work in the garden while hiding on the underside of leaves. Fortunately, there’s an easy treatment available!

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Composting Deconstructed

There are many great reasons to begin composting, but a lot of people are intimidated by the idea because they think it’s complicated or time consuming. So let’s deconstruct composting to examine why it’s beneficial to the environment and your yard. Then, let’s take a look at why now is a great time to start.

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The beautiful blooms azalea bushes provide are often associated with springtime. But, fortunately, Encore Azaleas rebloom in the spring, late summer, AND fall.

There are thousands of azalea species, hybrids, and cultivars, but only 31 are Encore Azaleas. Development of these special hybrid blends started in the ’80s. As a result, we get to enjoy these showy flowers several times throughout the year!

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Caring for Your Fall Mums

Mums are a staple of fall, with their beautiful autumnal colors ranging from yellow and orange to maroon and purple. Chrysanthemums are part of a special group of flowers that communicate the season with a simple glance. For some, purchasing these colorful flowers every fall is a given. They make fantastic additions to front entryways and festive centerpieces.  

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Top 10 Tips for a New Garden

It’s that time of year,  people are moving or building new homes and that means a new garden.  At Warren’s we have all created new gardens.  So our experienced garden staff wanted to share their tips with you.  With these tips you should be able to create a new garden that is both beautiful and practical.

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Summer Lawn Care

Our summer lawn care guide can help you have the prettiest yard on the street.High heat is part of living in Texas, and now is a good time to look at your yard and others in our area, and see what plants are doing great and which ones have been struggling.  Depending on what you find a little makeover for your yard may be in order.

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