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Studies show the sound of water reduces stress and creates a relaxing environment. Aside from the health benefits, there are other advantages to adding water features in your home landscape.   Water features add sound, texture, and movement to landscape design. They are certainly attractive additions and create instant tranquility, but they’re also functional.


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Patio Pizazz

How do you add some Pizazz to your patio?  Do you want your patio to be a great place to be?  Do you want it to bring a smile to your face?  Do you want to enjoy yourself when you’re outside?  Do you want a place to cook or eat? Do you want to feel like you are on vacation when you are there?  Do you want it to be your place to relax and recharge?  If these are things you want from your patio, then read along.  Then take your patio from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Just Add Water

Are you thinking of adding a water feature to your yard?  You need to consider a few things.  Do I want it to be the main feature in my yard?  What size do I want it to be?  How much time do I want to dedicate to taking care of it?   Do I want it to be very elaborate?  Do I want it to be simple?  Do I want to have fish?  What style do I want?  How will it function in my yard?  I could ask additional questions but I think you get the idea.  There are so many styles and design choices out there where do you get started?

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Theme Thyme

What is the theme for your yard?  Do you love the color yellow?  Do you love herbs?  Do you love vegetables?   Do you love bright bold colors?  Do you love white?  Do you want to sit in the garden and read? Do you want to lay in a hammock and relax?  Do you want to grill and grow your own food?  Do you want to see birds and wildlife?  Do you want to hear the relaxing sounds of water trickling?  The questions are endless when planning a theme for your garden.  Let’s discuss some of them.  I’ll help you learn how to pick the perfect theme for your yard.

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Building a flower bed is hard work!  I’m so glad you’re back.  You have been working really hard. You did all of the planning and prep work.  You got the border completed and filled in with composted growing medium.  It’s finally on to the final step.  You finally get to plant!  This is the best part of any gardening project and will make your yard beautiful.  It will be a place for you to enjoy for years to come.

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It’s such an exciting time of year!  Spring is in full force and it’s time to think about your yard.  You’ve decided you want flowers and your first thought is.  I want a flower bed, now what do I do?  Pick your spot, decide on a design and then plant.  Sounds simple right?  With proper planning and preparation it is. I will break the process down into three parts that are manageable.  The first part will be sight selection and yard prep. The second part will be putting the bed together.  The final step will be planting it all up.

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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting can create a yard that shines brightly and is never boring. If you want more usable space for entertaining, why not create it in the backyard? When you add outdoor lighting it creates more usable space instantly for evening entertaining. With the addition of fountains or garden art which are strategically lit you have created interest from day to night. If you like to entertain then make sure pathways, patios and decks are well lit. Do you want the front drive to take your breath away when you drive up to your home?  Then place landscape lighting to highlight the best features of your home.

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